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This Crystal® ThermoBlok™ fully welded vinyl replacement window is manufactured with exclusive chambered ThermoBlok™ designer extrusions. These ThermoBlok™ extrusions feature innovative insulating air barrier technology that reduce thermal transference from exterior of window frame to interiors, and “intercept” warm edge glass spacer technology for added thermal protection. These features reduce heating and cooling loads on HVAC systems, providing long term energy efficiency and utility savings to property owners. This series is offered as double hung, bay, bow, slider, casement, and coordinating architectural circle top shapes for enhancing curb appeal of home renovation projects. Features such as easy-to-clean, tilt out sashes, custom two-tone colors, and decorative grids make it popular with home owners


*Vinyl Fully Welded Casement Windows 
*Frame Depth: 3-1/4″
*Insulating Glass Unit Depth: 7/8″
*Soft Coat Low-E & Argon Filled IGU * Maximizes energy efficiency.
*Strong Multi-Chamber Construction
*Stainless Steel Hinges
*Fusion Welded Frame & Sashes
*Roto Type Operator
*Continuous Polyethylene Rigid Seal
*Designer Beveled Sash

Casement and Awning Windows

[CRYSTAL* Casement Windows]You’ll love the slim, crisp lines of Crystal casement window that echo the architectural feel of wood windows, but with more viewing area. Add in futuristic technological advantages, and you’ll see why this window is a winner.

[CRYSTAL* awning windows]are the perfect complement to our casement design. Between the two, they allow you to fill every nook and cranny of any room in your home with top to bottom sunlight and airflow.

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